CAVALIERE Toscana igt 2017

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CAVALIERE Toscana igt

KNIGHT Tuscany igt

Selection of Sangiovese in the company vineyards, harvested when fully ripe. It ferments in open oak vats of 30 hl, and maceration is carried out with the soft submersion of the hat by hand and with 1 reassembly per day or soft punching down.

In the country work there is extreme care in following the production balance plant by plant in order to then be able to best express the qualities of this grape, emblem of Tuscany, for elegance and nobility.

Vines: 100% Sangiovese

Harvest period: last week of September / before October

Vineyards: Vignanova and Torre

Vinification: the grapes were left in the plant after a previous harvest passage, continuing the maturation for a further week. Harvested by hand with great attention to the health of the bunch, it is destemmed for 70% and crushed. Yeasts are exclusively indigenous. Manual punching down is carried out to submerge the hat and only if necessary an open reassembly. The perfect ripening of the berry and the grape seed allows us to extend the duration of the maceration as much as possible, which can last even months.

Aging: cement for 18 months

Aging potential: even over 20 years

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